Ciao and Changes!

Ciao family and friends!!

What a week! I have officially killed my trainer!! wow! That was seriously tramatic!! This week was really busy because she wanted to say goodbye to so many people and getting her packed! The entire time I had no idea if I would get transfered or stay in Foggia. So we would go around and Sorella Price would be giving these heart felt goodbyes and meanwhile everyone assumed that I would also be staying and wouldnt say goodbye to me. I just kept thinking... "what if by some random chance I have to leave... I will just disapear and no one will know" BUT I dont have to worry about that because I am staying in FOGGIA for ANOTHER transfer (six more weeks baby!!! ) I am actually really excited because my new companion is........*drumroll please*

Sorella Gabby Gates!!!! 

mini bio
She is from Alpine Utah

she is young in the mission (has only been here for one transfer more then me) I really excited about this esp because I have only been with my old trainer...and....

she is the girlfriend of another Anziano in the mish (cough cough Erik Mika... BYU basketball) 

I am serisouly sooooo excited about this next transfer!! Everyone is telling me that she is super fun, cute, crazy, and hard working! YES!!!!!!!!!Between the two of us.... SO
 MUCH ENERGY IS GOING TO TAKE OVER FOGGIA!!!!!!!! SO MANY BAPTISIMS ARE COMING! (even though we have no progressing investigators! whoooo) hahahaha! But in all honesty I feel really excited! I am terrified to be "training the city" But I know it will be really good for me. I kinda feel like I am finally stepping out of my trainers footsteps and taking my mission into my own hands. 

Along those lines.... I have been thinking a lot about it.. What type of missionary I want to be. How will I be without my trainer? What will I do the same and differently! It is a lot to think about! It is really overwhelming! But I know that if I put the Lord first and am obedient everything will work out! 

So right now Sorella Price is up in Rome at the mission home getting ready to fly home tomorrow. I am staying with other Sorelle in Bari until Sorella Gates comes here. She currently is serving in Palermo in Sicilia! So she will come meet me here in Bari (about a 10 plus hour bus ride) late thursday night and then we will go to Foggia together on Friday morning!

I can't believe a new chapter of my mission is starting! It is terrifying and exciting all at the same time!!

Ok here is the miracle of the week.....

So you might remember our investigator "Alessandra" The mother of two member girls who has been taking the lessons forever and wants to get  baptized. She was ready to have a date but then she got a job that she has to work all the time! Including sundays! Really sad day when we found out about this job! BUT... we were finally able to see her (while we were on a train) and she told us she lost her job and she can see us again!! WHOOO! I really do feel bad becasue work is so precious but we are all excited about her spiritual progression!! 

Also I got the recipe for the lasagna from the lady in our ward!! That will be really fun to make when I come home in a year!! ( This transfer i hit my six month mark!!! and im not even close to being fluent!!! come on gift of tongues! work! hahahah) 

speaking of the lang.... I am really excited for this next transfer in terms of pushing more to communicate! I have to take charge so I really hope and pray it will help my italian!! I have been praying everyday, multiple times a day, (for the last transfer) that this upcoming transfer will really help my italian grow! I really want it to so I can be my whole self in English and Italian!! 

also this transfer we get to go to Rome for a Mission Tour..  an area authority is coming to speak to us and training us to use the iPads! There are two conferences, one in Rome and one in Sicilia! Exciting stuff!! 

The rest of my district is staying the same... we have a new Elder in our district... his name is Jake Flynn (he is also from Holliday UT, went to olympus HS) We have good chats about Utah stuff like skiing and Lone Star fish tacos! hahaha

Well.... here we go!!!! Diving in head first into a new transfer!!! CRAZY!!!!! 

Ti Voglio Bene!!!!!

Sorella Karin Fuller 

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