My Bari vacation and a NEW Foggia!

Wow!!! This has probably been the strangest week of my mission!! I had to spend an entire week in Bari while I waited for my new comp to come to Foggia. (I had to stay there because I had to stay with other sisters... bari is an hour and a half away by train... but they are closest ones) I was super strange because I was just chilling with other sisters not even in my own city and doing all there work. BUT Bari is amazing!! The ward there is UNREAL!! The coolest GONZ (YSA) and bishop and everyone is super nice! It was hilarious because everyone kept saying.... "I am so sorry that you have to serve in Foggia... Foggia is SOOOO UGLY!! hahahah" They were joking around but it was hilarious! I ate so good in Bari! WOW! We ate Panzerotti (which is like a calzone but SO much better... and Bari is known for the panzerotti world wide) like every night! AHH!! so good! Anyways... after being there for 6 days I FINALLY got to meet my new comp!!! 


Oh wow!! I love this girl! Seriously between the two of us there is just so much energy!! We  are just laughing and telling stories and killing it all the time! Sorella Gates is awesome! She is super bold and just totally un afraid to go up to anyone and talk! I feel like I have already learned alot from her! Also she is young in the mission.... so we both are learning Italian together!  Already I feel like a different missionary! On Sunday night Sorella Gates and I decided that our district should do gesso! So our district went to the center of Foggia and brought sidewalk chalk and drew the Plan of Salvation to find people to teach. I didn't want to just stand there like an idiot... so I would just run up to all these ragazzi (teens) with a Book of Mormon in my hand and ask them…  "Do you know what this book is?" of course none of them did... so it was perfect to dive right into a quality gospel conversation. They were interested in it and we got some numbers for return appointments! Also they were DYING when I told them that I am from "new york" and I went to EAST HIGH SCHOOL!  HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL!!! WHATTTTSS UPPP!! Like seriously when I told them about East all these girls started just screaming! So excited! Everyone just looked at me and was like....what the heck! HAHA! They thought I was a celebrity so they asked to take a selfie with me! I was like of course... and in the selfie I held the book of mormon up in prime positioning! hahaha!! It was awesome!! 

Also on sunday I had to SPEAK IN CHURCH!! Seriously so scary! I was super nervous to give a talk in italian but it went great! Already I feel like this transfer is pushing me to be more of an independent missionary and I love it! Its only been like 3 days!! 

I am super pumped right now about Foggia!! Talking to people used to really freak me out because of the lang  but now I dont even care! Being with Sorella Gates... because both of us are young and dont really know what we are doing we just go for it and do crazy things... if people dont understand us.... va bene... who cares...Everytime we talk our italian gets better and we get better at teaching! 

bottom line.... I am having a blast! Missionary work is sooooo fun!!!  

love you all!! Vi voglio bene!! 

Sorella Fuller 

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