Transfers and Soup kitchens...

Well another transfer is coming to a close and it feels really strange. Especially because my companion, Sorella Price is finishing her mission! It is really odd because she is starting to pack up all her stuff and say her goodbyes. She is making all her travel plans and wrapping up this huge chapter in her life. Because she is doing her final preparations to go home it sometimes feels like I am about to go home too! But then I quickly remember that I still have 13 more months in the mission!! But I am really excited for everything the next year has to offer! On Saturday I will find out who my new companion is and if I will go to a new city. (But I highly doubt it!)

Cool news!!!! 
We just got an email from President Waddoups saying that this April, Elder Bednar is coming to Rome to introduce ipads to our mission!!!!!! AND ALL the missionaries are traveling to Rome to meet him and be trained for ipads!! THIS IS SO EXCITING!!!!! 

also, work is starting again on the Rome Temple! 

Some not so cool news....
For the time being missionaries are not allowed to visit major Christian/Jewish tourist attractions (aka the Vatican) because of ISIS. (the funny thing is that we dont even watch the news so we really don't know what is going on in the world) Good thing I am not serving in Rome right now! 

As for information about Foggia work is coming but VERY SLOWLY! We finally were able to see Alessandra again. We only saw her for a second but it is really sad. Her daughters were telling us that ever since she got the job their home and family life has gone down the drain. This dang job is the bain of my existence!! Satan really knows how to destroy a family, through something that seems like a blessing! 

Also, we have been volunteering at a type of 'soup kitchen' called Caritas. It is part of a Catholic church so we are not allowed to proselyte there but it is a really great experience!! First off, let me just say.... at Caritas they make DANG GOOD food!! Fresh pasta, roasted potatoes, this good egg dish, and fresh fruit! I was always under the impression that soup kitchens were literally soup from a can! um...NO! We help cook all the food with all these old people and catholic youth! It is great! They always end up asking who we are and why we are here. Which leads to a gospel convo anyway!! So it is cool! Funny thing... we met this Catholic Priest (he was in the whole long dress get up) and he asked to come to church! We were like... YES! He didn't come (yet) but how awesome would that be!  

Well next week I will be living in Bari with the Bari sisters for a week while Sorella Price goes to Rome to 'die.' I am excited because we might get a pretty sick p day!!!! WHOOO!! 

Love you all and have a great week!!!!!!!! 

Sorella Karin

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  1. Yeah! I'm so glad I found this blog! I'm her new companion, Sorella Gates', mom. It's been great reading up more about Foggia to get an idea of where she is and what she's up against. She says she's excited and ready for the challenge. I'll be a regular here as I read more about the exciting adventures of Fuller and Gates!! We're sending lots of prayers their way!