Another great week in Foggia!

Well ciao my friends and family! What a week! 

Sorella Gates and I have just been tearing it up this week! Let me first just say that at the beginning of this week we had ZERO, yes ZERO, progressing investigators!! We didn't really know what to do about that but then we were given a challenge by our zone leaders.It came from a quote of Elder Ballard. Elder Ballard promised ALL missionaries in the world.. From Brazil to Rome that if they have 10 quality gospel conversations with random people everyday they will ALWAYS have people to teach! A quality gospel conversation includes a doctrine taught and an invite extended. So, Sorella Gates and I took this challenge very seriously! We went finding for HOURS this week! Just hard core hitting the streets of Foggia! Stopping everyone we could! It was so fun! By the end of the week we didn't just meet the goal of 70 conversations we hit 90!!!! and you know what ..... now we have not 1 but 2 progressing investigators!! Both people we contacted on the street! One, is a man named John.. he is African and speaks English. We were talking to him on the street in English and invited him to church. While we were talking to him, another man, Antonio heard us talking and was interested because he knows a little English. Antonio stopped us and asked to know more! Antonio is NOT Catholic (unheard of) and they BOTH came to church on Sunday! This is the first time I have had an investigator in church for a long time! It is awesome! Even though Foggia is one of the hardest areas of the mission (lowest amounts of work, and pretty darn ugly hahha) I am really thankful for it because it makes me appreciate EVERY LITTLE THING! Never take a mini miracle for granted!! 

This week we are going to ROME for a mission conference! There are three conferences and so about 1/3 of the mission will be there! Our district will be taking a 4 hour ROAD TRIP to Rome! So pumped!! We will be stopping for lunch in NAPOLI for some authentic NAPOLI PIZZA!!! SO FREAKING SICK!!!  Also we got the sleeping arrangements for mission tour and ALL of the other missionaries are staying at missionary apartments in Rome EXCEPT Sorella Gates and myself! hahaha! we are staying in the Villa (mission presidents home) So it will just be us and President and Sorella Waddoups! hahaha! We are joking that they are making us stay there so that we don't distract the other sorelle and have TOO much of a party! I will give you updates on that next week! But for now it looks like will be doing companionship study with President! 

Also, Sorella Gates and I are in training right now. When I say training I mean..... football training. Sorella Gates has this Nerf football and I admitted to her that I don't really know how to throw/catch a football! So Everyday we get up at 6 am... we run to the church... and play catch till 7 am! Now I am getting pretty good but my arm is wicked sore!! haha! By the end of my mission we will just be total football pros! Jed, dad, you would be so proud! Once we get football down we are going to do basketball free throws!! Playing catch is so fun! Seriously I look forward to it every morning! A great stress release!! hahaha! 

I hope all is wonderful back in the good ol' US of A!! I sometimes miss that beautiful, free, promised land!! BUT I will only be in ITALY for ONE MORE YEAR! (today in exactly one year i will be on a plane home.... NO!! ) Just trying to embrace everything I can! Even if I stay in Foggia per sempre! (forever) 


Vi Voglio Bene!! Sorella KFULL 

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