Rome for a day!

Wow!! were to even start this week?!?! Probably the most amazing week of my mission/life!!

So, this week there was a big mission conference in Rome given by Elder Tixeria (area authority) It was really great! He talked all about setting baptism dates on the first lesson with an investigator. It gave me a new perspective because what is the worse that could happen... the investigator says "no?" If they say no, then it gives you better understanding of what they need and you can quit wasting time. President Waddoups told us that in our mission we "only teach golden investigators" meaning, we only teach those who are absolutely prepared for the gospel. At first I thought that seemed a little extreme but the more I think about it, the more i understand. I cant tell you how many people you work with that it is literally like pulling teeth. So much effort... for months and months... you are scared to let them go because you are afraid you wont find anyone else to teach. But it shouldnt be that hard. Find, teach, invite, baptize! 

Anyways let me tell you all the amazing/sick details of our trip to Rome!!! 

So we (our district) left Foggia around 10 am the day before the conference. The Elders in our district are zone leaders so they have a car. So our travel plans were to all drive up--road trip-- through italy to get to rome! I have to say that it was probably the BEST road trip I have ever been on in my entire life! We were just driving through Italian country side for like 5 hours with a great group of people! One highlight was on the way there we stopped through NAPOLI for lunch! aka... THE BEST PIZZA IN THE WORLD!! I am not exaggerating when i say that. We went to Sorbillo's and the pizza there was so good it made you want to cry. just so simple and quality! simply unbelievable!! Our district of 6 ordered 16 pizza's!  ahhh! they were just that amazing! We were all just giddy to be eating that pizza in Napoli! So unreal! 
After the pit stop in napoli we finished the drive up to rome. We went to the mission office and they told us to kill some time. So, because 5 of the 6 of us had never been to Rome we decided to quickly take the metro to the Colusseum!! MOMMAMIA!!!!!!
You get off the metro stop and BAM... it just hits you like a brick wall! So big and so amazing! Literally my breath was taken away! It was evening time and it was all lit up! the temperature was perfect and it was just such a beautiful sight! I couldnt even talk.. and tears came to my eyes! It was a total aesthetic experience! There are only a few times in my life when I have felt so overwhelmed with beauty.   I just felt so much history and beauty everywhere! We continued to walk around rome and quickly see some sights, I literally was pinching myself!! It was amazing! I would love to serve in actual rome at some point!  I kept thinking.... "what is today? This morning we were in crummy foggia (hahahhaha) then we ate pizza in Napoli and now i am in ROME!" only one way to describe it..... magical ;) 

That night we slept in the Villa. It was so funny... for some strange reason Sorella Gates and I thought we would be the only ones there. um no.... hahaha! We show up and there are like 30 missionaries outside hanging out. It was actually really fun! We just all talked that night and president was just being super fun and making jokes with us. It was a bit awkward when we came up for breakfast the next morning a little too early and saw president in his robe! awkward! hahaha! 

We went to the mission tour, learned alot and it was fun to be with lots of other missionaries. I have to say, I am pretty positive that the Rome, Italy mission has the coolest/funnest missionaries ever!! Everyone I meet is just awesome! I just keep thinking.... " I am not cool enough to be in this mission! hahahaha!" It was wonderful! That night we drove back to Foggia and back to the grind! It kinda felt like going back to school after a long weekend! But it was all good because......... our new investigator... John.... committed to BAPTISM! He is planning on being baptized on April 11th! He seems genuine and promising! He came to church again on sunday and stayed for all of it! We are super excited right now because every companionship in our  district has a set bap date for April 11th! We are all praying that everything goes as planned so the investigators can make the goal!! 

Sorella Gates and I are continuing to work hard here in foggia! We do lots of finding... i mean LOTS!!!! This last week... we had the leading numbers in the entire ZONE for quality gospel conversations! We beat out all the Elders!! WINNING!! Gates is awesome! She is such a great example to me! We are sad because we will probably only serve together for this transfer! 

From Rome with amore…
Sorella Fuller

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