Ups and Downs


We had a disappointing news this week. Last week I emailed you all about our wonderful investigator, Alessandra. We taught the most wonderful lesson to her, been praying and fasting for her and probably the worst thing happened. SHE GOT A JOB! 
Now that probably doesn't even sound that bad, but it is! She has to work every day, including Sunday, from 6 am to 8 pm. So basically she can't take the lessons any more and she can't come to church. It is such a tough situation because people in Italy NEED jobs. The economy is absolutely terrible and no one has jobs. Alessandra is a single mother with three children and needs the income. When we found out that we couldn't meet with her, Sorella Price and I just cried. We were distraught and depressed. Never in my life have I been so sad. It was like one day a miracle happens and another day the devil just destroys everything. What is even worse is that she wants to believe, but she simply doesn't have the time to. When we visit her house now, the only people there are her kids and her Polish mother (who only speaks polish) The Spirit is not in the home like how it was before. It is depressing. It is so hard to have your work be so exciting and wonderful and then literally 48 hours later take a total nose dive! We just keep praying and hoping and expecting a miracle to happen. It is just so hard! 

On another note, transfer calls were this week. I will be staying in Foggia AND so will my trainer.I must say that this is VERY unexpected. We were both a little disappointed. She wanted to finish her mission in a new city, and I wanted to have a new comp that is a little "younger" in the mission or a native Italian so that I could grow more in the language. It can sometimes feel like you are just waiting for your mission to start when you are with your trainer. You just feel like you are in your trainers shadow.  So I guess you could say that we were both surprised. I was pretty upset but President Waddoups emailed me today and told me that he knows and is inspired that Sorella Price and I need to be together.  That makes me feel better! I just have faith that this next transfer will be awesome! 

On another note!!!!

We had a great English lesson/gospel lesson/lunch with a street contact! The Elders gave us a referral they found on the street. Her name is Nadia. She told them she was interested in English lessons but had no desire to learn about the gospel at all! She is a devout catholic (classic). We called her and set an appointment with her and she wanted us to meet her at a gas station. Random. As we were waiting for her we just thought... this is so strange... we are meeting a stranger at a gas station. Once she got there it was a little awkward but then she invited us to her house to teach the English lesson. We ended up not even teaching English... the conversation quickly turned into a gospel conversation. Apparently she remembers a Sister missionary from 20 years ago who rang her apartment. They only talked on the intercom but this sister made a lasting impression on Nadia for being so nice! We then segwayed the conversation into teaching her the first lesson about the restoration of the Church. She enjoyed it! Then her family all came home! Her parents, sister, and friend! They loved us and invited us to eat pranzo (lunch) with them! It was delicious! We ended up staying with them for 5 hours! How awesome is that !!! The only reason why we left is because we told them we had to leave! They told us they can't wait to have us return! When we told the Elders about the success of the contact they were in shock! They told us that she really had NO interest when they talked to her! Now she is! MIRACLE! 

the last two p-days we been really exciting! Last week we went to Polignano-- a coastal town just outside of Bari! So picturesque! Today we went to Gargano-- another coastal area--- in the "spur" of the "boot" of Italy! I am exhausted! wow! 
Ok I love you all! xoxox

Sorella Fuller 

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