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I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!! This week has been really crazy but also really good! Here are some thoughts that have been circling in my mind recently....

First thing.... missionaries are REAL PEOPLE! This may seem obvious but it is true. How crazy is it that there are 88,000 kids from ages 18-about 25 all around the world just preaching the Gospel... teaching others about baptism and how to have eternal life?! It is a huge job to do! So why on earth would the Lord send teenagers to foreign countries, different states, places totally out of their comfort zone, to do such important work? Why wouldn't he just send experienced adults or better yet missionary "robots" to get the job done! I will tell you why..... because the Lord wants US! He especially calls every single missionary to a place... not because he needs a spot filled, but because he knows us perfectly. He knows our personality, our strengths, our weaknesses and where we best fit! With that in mind..we as missionaries HAVE TO use our talents AND our personalities to fulfill our role as a missionary! There is no "perfect" missionary. There is no "mold" for a missionary. You just have to be the best "YOU" you can be! Use your talents and the Lord will use you as a tool! 

This last week President Waddoups emailed me about using my talents to the fullest this transfer. I was thinking to myself.... "Well I have no idea what my talents are... I can't sing "Savior Redeemer of My Soul", I can't play some intense version of the EFY medley on the piano,  I am not fluent in Italian yet, what do I do?" Then I realized that one thing I can do is interact with our English course students! So we have taken English course to an entire new level! Instead of doing a 5 minute spiritual thought at the end of class we do a 15 minute thought. During the "English" lesson we always relate it to the gospel. We lay it on really thick! BUT WE HAVE SO MUCH FUN DOING IT!  For example, last week we talked about family home evening! They totally got a kick out of it...especially when I taught them the BINGO song... the same song we have been singing for FHE for the last 19 years of my life! (literally HAHAHA) They also really liked the importance we put on family! Which lead into a deep conversation about family! It was so awesome! For the last 15 minutes we taught them "what makes our families happy" --- the gospel! We were both super energetic and everyone had a good time! Also they keep coming back to class! So this is just so awesome!! 

Also this week has been really hard! Of course... every week is! It is REALLY EASY to get discouraged! Every day is a total trial of patience! 

 So for fast Sunday Sorella Price and I decided to fast for three things..
1) Alessandra,(our investigator/mother) would answer our phone calls! We haven't been able to talk or see her in weeks! 
2) When we saw our new investigator Flavia that she read the Book of Mormon
3) we could have one of our English course students (potentials) became a new investigator


When we saw Flavia she told us that she had read lots of 1st Nephi and really liked it! Also she said she will come with us to church next week! 

Last night Alessandra picked up her phone!! It was actually kinda funny because my comp made me call her. I guess it didn't really register that she would pick up because my Italian got all mixed up probably because I was in so much shock that she answered. But, we were able to communicate and she is going to call us back today! 

As far as our English course... we have class tomorrow.. so no current update but I am sure it will go great!! 

Ok so a funny thing that happened this week was that we watched part of the Testaments movie with Costance and she just ATE IT UP! The whole romance between the Nephites she thought was SO GOOD! We were laughing so hard because it is so CHEESY but she just kept saying it was BEAUTIFUL! HAHAHAHA! Gotta love her! 

Ok I love you all! xoxoxoxo
Sorella Fuller 

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