Ciao Tutti!!
This week has been a total roller coaster! For the last three weeks the work in Foggia has been really slow! Since the holidays it has been kinda rough and can be extremely frustrating! There are times when we will be walking around all day trying to contact and find people and no one will want to talk to us. Or the only people we see are between the ages 99 and 120 or they are gypsies! Also none of our investigators, less actives, or potentials were taking any of our calls! So to say the least.. frustration was very high! However this week some exciting things started to happen...
As you might recall we have been spending time with two teenage girls,(they are new converts of about a year) they were kinda struggling and so we felt like we should just spend some time being their friend! We go to there house a lot and just talk, and spend time with them and their mom and little brother. Their mom, Alessandra is a single mom and is not baptized! She has taken the discussions with her daughters by the Elders in the past but once the girls got baptized they stopped meeting with her! She hasn't been totally open to the church. This last week My companion and I were reading in Alma 32 together and we both had the strongest feeling that NOW was the time for Alessandra! She was ready for baptism! We knew her, she trusted us, and her daughters love us. When we had the "first  official" lesson with her we asked if she wanted to take the lessons again to prepare for baptism. She cheerfully said yes! While we were teaching the lesson her two daughters were present.. I was looking at them while my trainer was talking Alessandra and they had the BIGGEST smiles on their face! They were so happy! The sweetest spirit was there! Throughout the lesson the girls were able to testify to their mom of the truthfulness of the gospel! That week at church she came and everyone in the ward was so happy to see her! She was glowing and so were the girls! One daughter, Patrizia told us that every night she reads the Book of Mormon and they talk about it as a family together! She told us that already their family is so much happier! 

I feel so blessed to have to opportunity to teach this family! It is amazing to see how much just simply reading the scriptures together as a family can and does change the spirit of a home! I can really say that I love them, and I love Foggia! I love working with the people here and seeing literal miracles take place! Continue to pray for Alessandra, that she will come to really know the truth! There is nothing I want more then for their family to be complete in the gospel! What an amazing blessing that would be!! 

Transfer calls are coming this week. I am pretty sure that my trainer, Sorella Price, will leave me here in Foggia. But you never know! I could leave, she could stay, we could both leave, or both stay! I really want to stay to teach Alessandra, but I have to have faith that wherever I go it will be the right place with the right people! If Sorella Price and I do get separated I will be very nervous to not have my trainer taking care of me all the time but it will be a big growing period! So I think i am ready! 

love you all! Today for p day we are going to a beautiful city called polignano! It looks amazing! It will take us two hours to get there by train BUT we are all really excited! Pretty much our entire zone is going so it should be really fun! xoxoxoxo 

Sorella Fuller 

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