Short but very Sweet!

Hello family and friends!

What a wonderful week!! Last night when we reported our numbers it didn't look like we had a wonderful week but we did!! 

We have been spending some time with a 14 year old girl named Patricia. She and her sister were baptized last march. Her sister is SOLID in the church... like finished her personal progress in two months after baptism… I'm like that took me 6 years! But Patricia struggles. We knew she was having a hard time but we didn't know why...but every time we would visit she would act like a total punk to her mom and she wouldn't go to church. We felt like we should befriend her and gain her trust. This week we had a breakthrough!! She totally confided in us her struggles and questions with.... boys,the Word of Wisdom, church, God, everything! Sorella Price and I really both feel like we can help her. She already says that she feels a difference when we come over to her house. Also a plus is that her mom is not baptized (her dad is not in the picture anymore) so when we go see her mom also listens to the lessons. I really see some good potential in that home!! 

Also this week we challenged Costance, (our less active, maybe prostitute) to invite a non member friend to a lesson. We didn't really think that she would actually follow up on the commitment but she did!! Costance is from Nigeria and brought one of her friends from her original tribe in Nigeria to the lesson. Let's just say that her friend was REALLY receptive. Boarder line hilarious on how receptive she was. We taught the restoration and she was like 'yes, I know that boy had a vision... I know it!' We were like yes.. he did! It was SOOO different than any other lesson ever!!! We will see how that goes.. I will keep you updated!! This is how imagine South America....no words

This last week for P day my comp and I wanted to go to Eataly! It is an amazing Italian specialty food store. There is one in NYC that I have been to but we really wanted to go to the one here in the Puglia area! So we took an hour and a half train to Bari. We then got off the train and we realized that neither of us knew how to get there! Ooops! I remembered that there was a billboard sign for Eataly that said 4 minutes and a giant arrow. We decided to follow that. My comp had absolutely no idea what was going on so I just kinda took the lead and pretended like I knew what I was doing. We ended up walking for two hours in the middle of nowhere following random billboards that totally were miss leading!The entire time the only people were old men drinking and playing cards and some gypsies! Kinda sketch! We were like WHERE IS THIS PLACE!! We finally found it and it was such a beautiful sight!! I walked in and it felt like entering the Celestial kingdom!! I think I shed a tear!! I got a giant gelato because I was starving and dehydrated! Looking back the story cracks us up but during the moment it was not funny!! 

Love you all!! xo

Sorella Karin Fuller

(some of the guests/friends at our English class)

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