It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas in Foggia!

Hello Family and Friends!!! 

The Christmas season is upon us! So exciting! Today in Italy it is a holiday.. "Holy Virgin day" or something like that! Everything is closed, so our pday(day off) is not as exciting. It is also raining/SNOWING right now so it really is finally starting to feel like winter and Christmas! For the last 6 weeks they have been stringing Christmas lights throughout all of the downtown of Foggia! I think they turn them on tonight so that will be very exciting! 

This last week was transfer calls (when we find out if we will stay in our area or go somewhere new) and everyone(us 6) in our district is staying in Foggia for another 6  weeks!! Thank goodness! We were all super excited because it would not be fun to leave right before the holidays! 

This week there were so many miracles! First off.. we found two new investigators! An old lady and her 40 year old son. The son got in a major car accident a while ago and has some brain damage. We found her wondering around the street and she told us she was really lonely! We went to visit her and said well… "We are going to teach her about the church...if she doesn't like it..well then, oh well!" She seemed to like it and invited us back over. We don't really know how much potential there is...and we don't really know if her son understands what we are talking about.. but it is good to teach some new people!  

Also we have our less active friend Costance. (she is the one who was/still could be a prostitute) We had a break through lesson with her. We were talking about going to the temple.(Temples are places of worship that require a high standard of worthiness to enter) You have to have a interview with your Bishop to obtain a recommend (basically they want to make sure you are living all the commandments) We were talking to her about going to get a temple recommend.. then she would HAVE to repent and stop being a prostitute. She told us that she wanted to.. that she had tried but was offended that she wasn't allowed to have one. So she stopped going  to church... she was upset.. and we were the first set of missionaries/church members to reach out to her in a while. I felt sooo bad!! I couldn't believe how NO ONE EVER REACHED OUT TO HER!! Even though she definitely needs some major help, and needs to change her lifestyle.. you would think that SOMEONE would reach out! This went on for about a YEAR! FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR NOT ONE PERSON CONTACTED HER!! WOW! We told her that we would be with her the entire time on Sunday if she came to church! She said "ok i will come."

So on Sunday COSTANCE CAME TO CHURCH!!!!! It was such a happy feeling!! But even better was that SHE BROUGHT WITH HER NOT ONE BUT TWO FRIENDS!! Her friends are students at the university and they loved church! So now we have two MORE potential investigators! IT'S A MIRACLE!! Do I dare say it's a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE?! 

Sorry for all the CAPS! Missionary work can just be so exciting! 

Also the new video "He is the Gift" or "Egli è il Dono" came out this week!! I think I can say that I was one of the first people to ever see that video. I saw the rough cut in the MTC! It's so good! Everyone go and watch it right now on mormon.org or youtube! It is only 3 minutes and it will be the best 3 minutes you spend this day! If you haven't seen it go watch it NOW and if you have seen it go watch it again NOW! It's so great! So much love!  
I love you all and have a wonderful week! xoxoxo 

Sorella Karin 

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