M~M~M: Musical Magical Moment!

Hello All!

It's officially Christmas time here in Italy! It is... do I dare say.. magical!! There are Christmas lights everywhere! Over all of the streets there are just stands and strands of lights. On the main streets downtown they close the streets to cars and set up these little booths full of candy and roasted nuts! It's awesome! 

The other night we were walking home from an appointment and we saw a crowd of people standing around a large projector screen. We were curious of why and we learned that here in Foggia there is an old theater. Kinda what you would imagine any old ballet or opera house in Europe. But, it has been closed for like 10 years because of lack of funds, strikes, etc.. (classic Italy) Anyways that night, when we were walking down the street, the theater REOPENED! There was a big reopening concert! It was a symphony by Schubert conducted by one of the most famous conductors in all of Italy! (let me tell you..this is a really big deal esp because it is in Foggia) On the projector screen they were doing a live broadcast of inside the concert hall! Of course my companion and I had to stay and watch it! As we watched the musicians and heard the beautiful music through load speakers all throughout the little streets of Italy, it was an overwhelming experience! I just kept thinking, this is amazing! I am in ITALY right now! I am listening to some of the most beautiful works of art, in Italy! I am not just hear as a random tourist, I am here representing the Lord! I am living here, I speak Italian(not perfect by any means but I do) what an amazing experience! As I stood there I had tears in my eyes, because I was so overwhelmed by the amazing beauty I was surrounded by!  I wish I had more time to describe in detail every element of how surreal the night was! It was simply spectacular! 

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful Christmas season! Everyone go get a Chick-fil-A Peppermint Chocolate chip milkshake for me! lots of kisses and hugs! xoxo

Sorella Fuller

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