Hello everyone!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday week! Have such a HAPPY THANKSGIVING! We are super lucky here in Foggia because we are missionaries!! So amazing! Also... the American family in our ward is cooking us Thanksgiving dinner so we are super excited! I love Thanksgiving so much.

I am having a hard time remembering exactly everything that happened this week! It is all going into a blur! haha! We are still working with our investigator Jake. He loves the church, the Book of Mormon, everything! but....... this week got awkward when he started to confide in us his struggles with the Law of Chastity and all of his current relationships. Long story short he still has a while to go until he can get baptized and the Elders sometimes help us teach him because it can be so uncomfortable! My companion said that never in her mission has teaching the law of chastity been so difficult! So I guess I am getting the super uncomfortable lessons over with now and so I don't think it could get much worse! hahaha! Just pray that Jake can live the law of chastity so he can get baptized! 
This week we also started to teach a the mother of two young woman in the ward. Her name is Alessandra and she has been taught all the lessons before but has never been baptized. All her kids are baptized, she is now single, and her youngest son has been in the hospital for a month now because he can't eat! We have been making friends with her two daughters and as a result she wants to talk to us!!! Super exciting potential!! 

Ok so funny story.....
This week we were at a less-active members home for dinner. Her daughter is not a member so we are trying to teach her while reactivating her mom. They invited us over to have pizza. I thought to myself... this is a pretty safe bet... some Italian pizza made my Italians in Italy? Sounds AMAZING right?!?!?! Ok um...no HAHAHAHA!! When you go to someones house for dinner they start cooking the dinner once you get there! So they were making the pizza and meanwhile they are SMOKING the entire time! Everyone in Italy smokes but I am still getting use to the smell. While she is cooking and kneading the pizza dough I just see cigarette smoke everywhere and I am about to get sick because the smell is so strong! Then their dogs come in and literally throw up on the table where they are making the pizza! The combination of dog barf and cigarette smoke was just INSANE! I was just thinking.. how will I eat this... smoke/vomit infused pizza?! MIRACLE OF THE WEEK was that I said a prayer that I would not be able to smell anything for the rest of the appointment and I kid you not my nose stopped working! For the next hour I couldn't smell the smoke or the dogs or the pizza or anything! I was totally able to eat the food and all was well! As soon as we left the apartment and went in the elevator I could smell cigarette smoke again! Call it what you will but it was a PIZZA MIRACLE! 

Time is short and I gotta run! 
I love you all, and Happy Thanksgiving!


Sorella Fuller

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