Snow, Gelato, War Zone and Mini-Miracles

What a week!!! 

First off... it snowed it Foggia!! Actually it snowed everywhere in Italy but it snowed a lot in Foggia! In our apartment we have these "black out" blinds and we keep them closed so that the heat stays trapped in the house. So in the morning we were studying and we look at our phone and have tons of text messages from the Elders in our district freaking out about the snow. We didn't believe them but then we opened the blinds and it was like being in a snow globe! It was very exciting! That night after our English course class we all made a snowman named "FOJA" (the American way of saying Foggia) and had a snowball fight! It was really fun but so cold!!  

Then came NEW YEARS!! So, here in Foggia we probably hear about 5 to 6 bombs go off everyday! Most of the time they are bombs set off by teenagers but also there bombs that are so loud they shake buildings! Those bombs are Mafia bombs! As the new year got closer we started hearing more and more bombs and people would tell us that it was not safe to be out of the house after 6 o'clock on New Years eve! But... on New Years eve we were walking to the church from a members house at around 7:30 pm. And there was NO ONE anywhere to be seen! We just heard bombs going off constantly! We tried to count but we there was way too many to keep track of! We were thinking... if it is only 7:30 what is it going to be like at midnight!?! At midnight we were woken up by a the loudest firework/bomb sounds EVER!! I literally felt like i was in a war zone! They continued for the next three hours!! Totally crazy!! 

So this week we also went to Bari (which is about an hour and a half away) to do a split with the other sister missionaries in our zone! It was really fun and kinda scary! I was paired up with another greenie! Her name is Sorella Chandler. We had to teach a lesson, and talk to some less actives, and do some English course finding! I was really scared to be with another greenie, in a new city, but it actually was really great! I loved it because we worked more in unison! Because we both are new to the language and teaching it really pushed us! We didn't have our trainers to just do everything for us! We had to hand out a huge stack of english course pass along cards and talk to people... at first we were like "how are we going to do this... we both don't exactly know what is going on!" But we did it! I kept running out and would take some of hers! Sorella Chandler and myself were so proud of the day! Mini miracle! 

After the day we rewarded ourselves with gelato and pizza! classic! The pizza was a  pistacchio pizza... pretty much the best thing ever... it was a white pizza with cheese, olive oil, and pistacchi! So amazing! the gelato was ricotta and dark chocolate! and the gelato cone with filled with melted dark chocolate! I probs gained like 15 lbs just looking at it! BUT it was so amazing! 

Also yesterday at church I was talking to Patrizia.. ( she is a 15 year old girl who is kinda a punk but was baptized less then a year ago. We are total buds! and her single mom, Alessandra, has taken the lessons twice and still isn't baptized) I asked her why her mom isnt baptized and she said she has no faith. I told her that their family would be much happier if they were all members. Patrizia agreed and wants to help us teach her mom the lessons! It was really exciting that A) the convo was really beneficial and B) I could communicate with her! MIRACLE! We are  starting the mother/daughter lessons tomorrow! Pray that they will go well! We really think that Alessandra is ready

I love you all!! I hope you all have a happy new year! Make some good new year's resolutions! I was really excited for this year because it is the only time in my whole life that for an entire calender year I will be a missionary!! So exciting!! lots of love xoxo
sorella karin fuller 

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