Buona Pasqua! Happy Easter!

Hello Family and Friends and Buona Pasqua!!!!! 

What a great time of the year! I have to say that I think I liked Easter better this year than Christmas! Who knew? But it was really awesome! So many crazy wonderful things.... I don't even know where to start?! 

First off for Easter we got to watch some of general conference! Always a blessing! I watched some in Italian and some in English! I was really thankful to listen in English because it is amazing to hear the apostles and the prophets ACTUAL voice. Not just some Italian voice over... what a blessing it is to have English be our first language! To hear the prophets actual voice!! We didn't get to watch all of conference...bummer...but I think we will try to make up the talks today during preparation day! 

Also on Easter, we got to have Easter lunch with an amazing family in the ward--the Dicarlos--- they seriously are the glue that holds the ward together. The American family--the Wilcoxsins-- were also there! We had a giant feast and were stuffed silly! 

Also, the day after Easter is another holiday called "Pasquetta" For Pasquetta there was a ward party at the Wilcoxsin's house and we had an American bbq! So fun! 

Ok, so I guess the most exciting thing that has happened this week happened just about an  hour ago. A couple weeks ago, Sorella Gates and I found a man named Joel on the street. He is from  Nigeria and has been our stead investigator throughout the transfer. We just had a lesson with him and guess what.... HE IS PLANNING ON GETTING BAPTIZED THIS SATURDAY!! Today we went over some commandments and you could tell he was really nervous about something. He was like " I can not serve god...I have a dark past" The whole time I was just thinking "oh no....maybe when he was back in Africa he was part of some rebel tribal group and was  involved in a serious crime like murder!!" but  The problem is smoking! classic. So this week if he can be clean he can be baptized!! We really hope he can continue with the committment! He is really pumped and has great faith! So it will happen!  Pray for him! 

Also.... This week will most likely be the LAST full week in Foggia. I find out on Saturday if I will get transfered... and I would say that there is a VERY high chance of me leaving! I am full of mixed emotions about this but I am excited to see what the Lord has in store. 

In this Easter season we have been using the church produced little videos percheEgliVive and Grazie a Lui for finding! The coolest things happen! Italians love them because in just 2 minutes the spirit can hit you SO STRONG!! I challenge everyone to use this media in some way...via socail media or what ever.... So simple, so beautiful, so easy!! 

also... I just want to let the world know how thankful I am for Sorella  Gates!! She is the BEST comp!! We have had THE BEST time serving together!! If I get transfered I will be so sad to leave her!! soooo ya! I just love her! So blessed!! 

Ok I love you so much|||| 

Vi Voglio Bene|!!

Sorella Fuller

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