Week 4 Missionary Training Center

Hello family and friends!

 First off I want to give another big thank you to all those who sent me packages, letters and emails this week! It was great to hear from all of you! Thank you Alyson Freedman for sending me the dress! When I opened the package I was just overcome with appreciation! You are too kind! Also thank you Dad for the brownies overnighted from Brooklyn. When I signed for the package I was thinking what could have been sent to me from Brooklyn? I got a good laugh and my hipster friends were VERY appreciative. They were like "you have the coolest dad!" I just responded..... I know! Also we thought they were laced with pot because the bakery was called "Baked" and it was in Brooklyn but obviously not! HAHA

Daily life
 Hopefully you don't get too bored from all my Missionary Trainng center emails. I feel like they could get pretty repetitive. Every day is exactly the same but with different emotions. It's funny becuase you do the same thing every day but there are days that are the best ever and some that are more difficult. 
I want to describe one really good day to you all. It started when I woke up at 6:30 and did some daily study of the Book of Mormon in the book of 3rd Nephi Chapter 11. In this chapter it explains the accounts of Christ (after he was resurrected) visit to the people of the Book of Mormon in the Americas. It is probably the best chapter because it gives so much hope for the 2nd coming. Then I ran 5 miles on the MTC running track. It felt great to physically push my body again. Then we had to teach in "TRC". TRC is when we teach church members who speak italian (mostly volunteer return missionaries). We simply give them an uplifting messages and challenge them to a simple task like... reading the scriptures more, pray as a family, or give more charity to others. We do it once a week every Thursday. This week we taught a family in TRC! It was a mom and a dad with two little girls. They were ages 2 and 4! It was crazy! They were screaming and I had to think of what to say (in Italian) and have it be a meaningful experience for everyone! It was going crazy until Sorella Bray and I started to tell them our testimonies of the trueness of the gospel. All of a sudden the room was silent and the warmest feeling of the Holy Spirit came into the room. Everyone was happy and love overflowed! It felt so great! I can't even imagine how that would feel in Italy with actual investigator families! 
After TRC we went to language class! I just love my language teachers! They are super patient and funny! We crack jokes with them all the time and it really lightens the mood! Sorella Bray and I have made a ponit to be friends with our teachers because they are both like 22 years old and students at BYU. They are also our "fake investigators". So we practice teaching them all the time. The funny thing is that when we teach them they are in "character". They are not allowed to ever break character or use english. We have started to try to do everything we can to try to get them to break character. Sorella Bray and I have found the best way to do this is to get them to laugh. On this day we had the best success yet.... let me explain....

So one day we were playing a chuch history trivia game in our free time between lunch and language class. One of the questions was "what was the name of Joseph Smith's first born child?" Everyone in the class revealed the right name which was "Alvin Smith" BUT our teacher Brother Gessel said the name DON JUAN! We were like..... what are you talking about?!?!? It sounded so funny but I guess one of Joseph Smith's still born babies was named Don Juan. The name literally sounds like the next contestant on the Bachelor! HAHA! We were dying of laughter. 

So flashforward to this lesson we taught. We were done with teacher our investigator/teacher (Brother Gessel) about the power of prayer and attending church. We committed him to come to church-- he said yes. He asked if he could get a ride. I followed up by saying "Of course! Another member named DON JUAN will come pick you up." I had a totally strait face and he just busted up laughing! It was so funny! Maybe you had to be there but as a misisonary any opportunity for some humor is THE BEST! 

At the end of the day we had a devotional. The speakers name was Drubray (can't remember his first name) Anyway he is the head of all media for the church. Advertisements, Mormon message videos, "I'm a Mormon", social media.. you name it... he is in charge of it! He talked all about spreading the goodness and happy message of the gospel on social media. He also told us that the Easter video titled "Because of Him" that was released last April was veiwed by millions of people including people on mainland China! The gospel is truly spreading over the entire WORLD! He shared with us some BIG surprises the Church media department has in store for the Holiday/Christmas season. I am sworn to secrecy however I will say that on December 7th go onto the Youtube home page. Also NYC you have some big surprises coming your way!

He also talked about some experiences he had on his mission in New Hampshire. He said two main tidbits of wisdom that really resinated with me in regards to missionary work. I also think that it can apply to everyone! 

1) Do the very best you can... God will take care of the rest. YOUR best may be different than any other missionary (or person). Simply strive to follow the Spirit of God.
2) THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU! As a missionary (esp. in the MTC) it is easy to think..."I can't learn the language, I am homesick, I don't like my companion, I can't do this. etc" But once you realize that EVERYTHING we do as a missionary and in life should be to glory God and thank him for all of our blessings... everything will be worthwhile!

I hope all is well! I miss everyone but I know that serving as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is exactlly what my purpose is right now! 

Also I leave in TWO weeks! AHH! This Friday I find out my flight plans/if I got my visa!

xoxo Ciao Sorella Fuller
 This is Sister Dew. She was Eponine in Les Mis on Broadway! She is the best! I hope          we can be companions in Italy!

This is Sister Pavich who I randomly met in the SLC temple the day before I entered the MTC. She is amazing! Below is my companion Sister Bray! We had just taught an awesome lesson so we were really happy!

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